My day in court

thM44AJVQ7About a month ago, I was on my way to work, early Sunday morning. It is true I am a workaholic. What can I say I love my job? As I was saying I was on my way into work and driving, singing along to my favorite nineties r&b playlist. When I received a phone call from my mother. She called to see if I would stop by today, her just so happen to be making my favorite dish and dessert. If I can find the free time I should stop by dinner. I love lasagna, especially my mom’s lasagna. It so delicious and she only makes it like once every two years, literally. She very health conscious my mother, normally she eats some super healthy concoction of nuts, fruits, veggies and every occasionally small portion of protein. Of course, I said yes to dinner with my family.

As I hang up with my mother, I noticed swirling lights in the rear view mirror. Being the great motorist I am, I slowly pull over patiently waiting the police officer to pass on by me. To my surprise, he pulls right behind me and proceeds to get out of his car. I do not know what it is about being pulled over by a cop but I immediately start sweating under my arms, shaking my leg, and analyze my every move while driving. It is such a nerve-wrecking ordeal.

The police officer writes me a ticket for distracting driving. My taking that call for my mother cost me a ticket priced at one and seventy dollars! Yes, that is right. I was so irritated and bummed out I decided to divert my path and go straight to my parents’ house. There is nothing like a day full of family fun to improve on a bad a day. What can I say; my mom has the magic touch.

Now fast forward it is a month and a half from that day, my court date. This is what I am trying to get to; this court date was like no other. After I passed through secruity I checked out the bulletin to see which judge I will see, thereafter I make my way to the courtroom. After about an hour of waiting, the judge finally arrives. He calls out a list of names along with their offence and ask each person that he calls to please stand.

After he called my name, I stood anticipating what he is going to say. I have no idea what to expect. The last time I had a ticket I was seventeen years old and I simply sent them a money order. No court, no appearance before a judge. Easy, breezy. I wish I could have done the same thing with this ticket. Unfortunately, it required me making a physical appearance. Maybe I might get lucky and have the whole thing thrown out.

Well, my ticket was dismissed, kind of. After the judge finished calling out his list of names. He continued with all of us were facing traffic and misdemeanor charges, varying in specifics but all pretty petty. He gave us all a choice. Well, three choices really. One each of the defendants in the courtroom can walk outside to the clerk’s office and pay the fine. Two, take a walk outside to the blood drive and donate blood. Upon donating bringing the form back stating that we indeed did donate and our fines and tickets will be thrown out. The last option is to refuse the two and go to jail.

After some consideration, I decided to just pay the ticket. Mostly because I felt that type of ultimatum has no place in a courtroom and court procedures.   Lucky for me I have the money to do so but I am sure many people were relieved to have an option out but it just seem like an overstep by the judge to enforce such a thing upon everyone. If I did not have a business to run, I would have refused both and chosed to go to jail. Just to make a point.

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