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th5CQGB99RIf you want to realize the greatness and beauty trees and hedges provide to your landscape without having to wait years to see it, you should consider using fast growing trees and hedges. There are a whole list of trees and shrubbery that are beautiful and if planted properly they should grow a many many feet per year. Which is a huge leap from those traditional trees used that can take twenty years to reach a height worth mentioning. In fact, Tyler Tree Service has always have great success and customer satisfaction with the use of fast growing trees. They have used them in both the residential and commercial setting.

Here are a few fast growing trees that you can request be used on your next landscaping project.

Hybrid Poplar

This beautiful shade tree will grow anywhere from five to eight feet per year. It works great as a screen or privacy trees, reducing energy by producing great shade for your home or business. For those people with a fireplace in their home. Try planting this Hybrid Poplar. Because of its quick growth rate, it makes ideal firewood.

Quaking Aspen

The Quaking Aspen and the Hybrid Poplar are of the same family, that means that just as the Hybrid Poplar grows at an speedily rate so will this beautiful Quaking Aspen. On average, it will grow two to three feet each year. IF it is properly, maintain and care for.   For those people in areas of the country where they have the joy of experiencing each season this tree will be wonderful for you. It has a brilliant color pattern for fall that is out of this world. All year round, this tree will bring a little something extra to your landscape.

Weeping Willow

A Weeping Willow will grow three to eight feet every year. However, this is dependent upon how it was cultivated. If you are going to choose this particular tree for your landscape make sure to consult with the nursery about its history.

River Birch

This tree is a bit more fickle than the previous mention trees. In order for it to grow at a quick rate, it needs to be in a particular climate and under perfect conditions. If you are able to provide this, then the River Birch tree will grow at the rate of one and a half to two feet each year for you. However if you can plant this in your yard you can expect beautiful foliage in the fall and an active and unique bird watching.

Pin Oak

Pin oak has been known to reach the massive heights of seventy feet.   Which is not bad if you consider it should make it that height in less than thirty years! That is amazing, growing a whopping two and a half feet each year!

There are many other trees available that grows just as fast as or faster than the ones mention here. Here are just of a few of my favorite ones that I think grows really well and really fast. In addition, is beautiful to look yet all through the four season. Next time you are considering planting to some trees in your yard or business then considering one of these fast growing ones. Why wait to enjoy the greatness of a tree?

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