You will not look at leaves the same

With fall here, that means one thing, fallen leaves.   Oh and pumpkin spice lattes of course!

I hope that after reading this you will not look at leaves the same again. I many of us see leaves and just see one thing, an extra chore. You have to rake or blow them, then bag them and set them by the curve. On the other hand, if you are somewhere that allows it, piling them together then burning them. Either way they must be removed from the ground.

Here are a few ideas and ways to utilize those piles of leaves. After this, they will no longer look like piles of burdens.

Turn those Leaves into Mulchth5AEYYLTT

Have you ever consider it? Instead of burning or bagging, those leaves mulch it up. It is not only aseptically pleasing but environmentally friendly as well. Place the mulch around your flowerbed and shrubs as it starts to decompose over time it will serve as a fertilizer as well. The mild is also great for planting new bulbs and plants. For those who have a compost pile or one of those compost drums just add the mulch to it, when spring comes and you are preparing your yard for planting a little bit of the compost around.

Some of the best fertilizer that your money did not have to buy.

Use leaves in your fall décor

Use the leaves you have around your home as decorations. Nothing says fall like brown, gold, orange, and red leaves. First project is to create a wreath from dried leaves. A lovely round leaf wreath will be welcoming and warm to any entryway. Another option is something that can be done with the kids. Gather leaves, some glue, and make fall shadow boxes. This will be a wonderful addition to the leaf wreath. Bring the great fall outdoors indoors. After completely the shadow boxes place them throughout your home, the ambience they will create will make you the envy of the block. If you know what I mean.

Just a little warning before completely these projects or any project where you bring outdoor items indoors make sure you properly clean the items. Before starting the wreath or shadow box, wash the leaves in warm water to remove any dirt or bugs. Then allow them to dry out. I usually place them close to a heat vent, to speed up the drying time.

Another idea for fall fun décor is to create a leaf-filled scarecrow. Most scarecrows are made from straw or hay, but you ever consider using the leaves that have into your yard? Check out the closets in your home or a thrift store for old jeans and flannel shirt. Make sure to knot the end of each pant leg and the shirt’s cuff. Then fill. Place around the yard for a beautiful and creative fall touch.

When those leaves start to fall, do not look at them with dismay. Turn that chore into a project that you will enjoy the entire season.

If these ideas still do not move you then you may want to consider tree removal. Not for all the trees in your yard of course, but remove a few to open up the yard. Then you can add a plays cape for the kids or maybe a built in fire pit with custom seating.


th (10)For several years, I have sat by idling waiting for something amazing to happen. It was as if I was stuck in some type of limbo. Never really going forward or falling behind. Thinking back it was somewhat weird how I just felt like something was about to happen, something big! Without even thinking I had put my entire life on hold for something I did not know what was coming, I just felt it, felt it through my bones.

Around this time last year I was either on my way to work or on my way back home from work, I cannot really remember, but I know I was on a train. It was during the winter months I remember because when I left out in the morning it was dark and when I returned in the evening, I was engulfed in the same darkness. Yes, I remember I was on my home from working in the city.

This day started out like any other day. Nothing out of the ordinary happened I just went through the motions as I do any other day.

Then as I am sitting on the train watching the houses fly by, not really thinking of anything. When I got the phone call. This is the phone call that was the catalyst to my life, it jumpstarted everything and made me into the man that I am today. From hustling & writing blogs, to finding ways to improve my game in writing & public speaking to learning about easier ways to start blogs so more can gain the benefits of building an audience, similar to what Red Hill On Rails have done.

I felt my pocket vibrating; I retrieve my phone from my front pocket. It was a number that I did not recognize so I simply let it go to voicemail. Sometimes I would get phone calls from people looking for some person name Tony Duncan. Whoever that is, so whenever I see a random number I let it go to voicemail.

This call was different it kept calling back, the same number, until the fourth call back I answered. The person on the other end called my complete name, address, and last four digits of my social secruity. This person new I was on the train, even which train I was riding on.

After hearing all of this, I was shocked into silence.

Then the voice on the other of that called told me to meet them at this restaurant in an hour that was about three and a half blocks from my house. I assured that I would be there and that was the end of the phone call. Feeling a bit nervous, I called my long friend, Dale, and told him what had happen, where I was going in case something horrible happens. I really do not think that he believed me, but he agree to call my phone in two hours to check on me.

After I made it home, I changed out from my clothes into something more casual. Locked up and walk the three and a half block to the restaurant.

I ask for a table by the window. As I sat in a daze watching but not really seeing anything, someone sat down in front of me. This person called out my name, extended their hand to me, with a white business card in it.

Then I woke up.