th (10)For several years, I have sat by idling waiting for something amazing to happen. It was as if I was stuck in some type of limbo. Never really going forward or falling behind. Thinking back it was somewhat weird how I just felt like something was about to happen, something big! Without even thinking I had put my entire life on hold for something I did not know what was coming, I just felt it, felt it through my bones.

Around this time last year I was either on my way to work or on my way back home from work, I cannot really remember, but I know I was on a train. It was during the winter months I remember because when I left out in the morning it was dark and when I returned in the evening, I was engulfed in the same darkness. Yes, I remember I was on my home from working in the city.

This day started out like any other day. Nothing out of the ordinary happened I just went through the motions as I do any other day.

Then as I am sitting on the train watching the houses fly by, not really thinking of anything. When I got the phone call. This is the phone call that was the catalyst to my life, it jumpstarted everything and made me into the man that I am today. From hustling & writing blogs, to finding ways to improve my game in writing & public speaking to learning about easier ways to start blogs so more can gain the benefits of building an audience, similar to what Red Hill On Rails have done.

I felt my pocket vibrating; I retrieve my phone from my front pocket. It was a number that I did not recognize so I simply let it go to voicemail. Sometimes I would get phone calls from people looking for some person name Tony Duncan. Whoever that is, so whenever I see a random number I let it go to voicemail.

This call was different it kept calling back, the same number, until the fourth call back I answered. The person on the other end called my complete name, address, and last four digits of my social secruity. This person new I was on the train, even which train I was riding on.

After hearing all of this, I was shocked into silence.

Then the voice on the other of that called told me to meet them at this restaurant in an hour that was about three and a half blocks from my house. I assured that I would be there and that was the end of the phone call. Feeling a bit nervous, I called my long friend, Dale, and told him what had happen, where I was going in case something horrible happens. I really do not think that he believed me, but he agree to call my phone in two hours to check on me.

After I made it home, I changed out from my clothes into something more casual. Locked up and walk the three and a half block to the restaurant.

I ask for a table by the window. As I sat in a daze watching but not really seeing anything, someone sat down in front of me. This person called out my name, extended their hand to me, with a white business card in it.

Then I woke up.

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