thV0KYZF6YOlympic London Accommodations is the brain child of two wonderful people.  Mary-Kate Presley and Michael Johansson. both have known each other since they were all playing sink the submarine in the bathtub as one year olds.  Growing up the two of them have never been apart and have shared everything.  From Snack Pack pudding cups to Lisa Frank stickers to limos to the prom.  After a hectic double family trip to Disney World, when they were ten years old, the duo they decided then that they will create something to facilitate an link between the traveler and the hotel.  Focusing mainly on family travelling.  At sixteen they created a website to bring ease to the stressful act of traveling as a family that named it Easy Travelling.  Desiring something to make family vacations easier on  parents and  children alike.  Unable to compete on a large playing field they were quickly pushed out of the industries by more well known and wealthier competition.  For a moment they were setback but they never gave up.  For years they worked on and launched many business ventures.  Each one succumbing to ultimately failure.

As they grew older and graduated from college they decided to change their focus from travel to service industries, in particular the tree service industry.  Together Mary-Kate and Michael link people seeking to employ upstanding tree service company to up standing tree service business.  Olympic London Accommodations does a thorough background on the business they use.  and have also included information such as if the business is insured, customers’ reviews, how long the business has been established, and pictures of each tree service business work.

Eventually Mary-Kate and Michael will like to branch off to include different business but right now they have focused on tree service industry seeing that it is an under valued industry in the service world.

Mary-Kate Presley live with her two cats in a small loft apartment where she spends her time learning new Taiwanese cooking techniques and Tae Kwon Do.

Michael Johansson lives with his wife and their six months old baby boy.  He enjoys sailing on his boat and getting to know his son.

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